Are (the lack of) public toilets in Wynnum Central an issue?

A while back it was brought to our attention that there are no public toilet facilities near the shops in Edith Street. The closest public toilet is near the library on Bay Terrace, or there are the facilities in the IGA centre, both a bit of a walk if you are say at the west end of Edith Street.

At the time we conducted a poll of the local businesses to see if this was an issue but had very few participants, so we thought we’d open it up to everyone. At the Twilight Markets we provide extra toilet facilities and it made us think whether general provision of public toilets in Wynnum Central is adequate.

Let us know your thoughts in our quick poll below…

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  1. I think there was public toilets near the public library. I haven’t been there for years. But that’s way down the other end of Bay Tce and if you are caught short at the end numbered round 140 odd or worse still down the Tingal Road end it can be a very real problem. The toilets in the small shopping centre are there for the use of the shoppers in that building. I have used them myself but even then I think it a bit of a cheek to make use of them if a person is not doing shopping in that complex.
    I believe there should be at least one proper well serviced public toilet facility in the Wynnum shopping precinct –
    Two would be better, one on bay Tce and one down near Tingal Road.
    I’m still able to make it to the shopping centre if need be but I am conscious of what I am in Wynnum to do and where and how long it is likely to take. I am aware though there are very few elderly people who visit the Wynnum precinct which should be telling. An elderly person who is shopping down near Tingal road, e.g. at the Coles supermarket would not be able to make it up to the shopping centre if he or she is caught short.
    I time my visit for shopping, or whatever, according to convenience and ‘comfort’. I don’t linger any longer than I need to. Is it any wonder the area is losing business???
    There are quite a few cafes in the area and that alone should demand more ‘conveniences’ for the public.

  2. When I was younger, there used to be a public toilet in the car park behind where there is Coralie’s bakery now. Do they not exist anymore? They were always pretty filthy but I do remember mum taking me there a few times when I was a small child who could not hold on!

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