Help name the new cinema complex! (UPDATE)


We have had a huge response to the callout for a new name. But there’s still time to put in your suggestion – you’ve got until tomorrow (Friday 21st June) to put yours in – either in the comments here or via email to admin@wynnumcentral.com.au.

Berrima Develop, the developers of the new cinema complex in Wynnum Central have a dilemma – what should the new complex be called? So they have turned to readers and subscribers of WynnumCentral to give them a hand… by taking part in the naming process.

Here’s how it’ll work…

• We’ll give you a week to put your thinking cap on and come up with a suggested name (ie until Fri 21st June)
• Name suggestions can be made via email (to admin@wynnumcentral.com.au) or via the comments at the bottom of this article or via the Facebook post
• All the suggested names will be listed in an online survey and we’ll ask everyone to vote on their favourites (voting will run until Sunday 30th June)
• The most popular name will be revealed on Sunday 7th July

Just to make things a little more interesting, the developers are offering a few prizes, to be awarded at random to anyone who takes part in the naming process. The following four prizes are on offer…

1st prize
A Wynnum Entertainment Pack (worth $200) to spend at a range of Wynnum Central retailers along with 12 cinema tickets valid for 12 months from the opening date of the new cinema (worth $100)


3 prizes of a pack of 12 cinema tickets valid for 12 months from the opening date of the new cinema (worth $100 each)

So… let the name game begin!

The Small Print
• To be entered in the draw, you must suggest a name and provide an email address where we can contact you if you win a prize
• Prizes will be re-drawn if we do not hear back from winners within 10 days of us sending the notification email
• If you are not already on the WynnumCentral ENEWS list, we will add you (you can unsubscribe at any time)
• The developers are free to name the complex any name they choose and are not obliged to use the most popular name or any of the suggested names
• Some name suggestions may be omitted from the final list at the discretion of the organisers
• The organisers of the naming process and the draw are Berrima Develop Pty Ltd and their decisions relating to the process and the draw are final

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  1. My first choice would be to keep it simple ..Berrima St Movies or Bay Movies…

  2. If they sell hot chips, I’d call it, “Bayside Flicks & Chips” or “Bayside Chips & Flicks”
    If not… then something simple like “Bayside Cinemas”

  3. It would be fitting to history to call it Imperial Picture Theatre or Flea Pit

  4. Hmm…A wynnum cinema 🤔🤔 I think the only possible name would be the WYNNUMA!! #wynnuma 👏👏👏👏👏

  5. W.E.C. … Wynnum Entertainment Centre
    Short and snappy.. ‘I’ll meet you at WEC!’

  6. My husband is a born and bred Wynnumite and he suggests “Imperial Star” as a memory of the two previous Wynnum theatres which he remembers.

  7. my Idea would be honouring the ancestral land we live on and name it after the traditional tribe owners on Wynnum and call it “Quandamooka bay Theatre”. OR Naming it “ Broadwalk theatre” something that flows.

  8. Wynnum Imperial Theatre (WIT) or Wynnum Imperial Cinemas (WIC) otherwise something simple Bayside Cinemas or Waterloo Cinemas

  9. -Pandanus Pictures
    -Wynnum Theatre
    -Quandamooka Movie Theatre
    -Wynnum Cinema
    – Saltwater Cinemas

  10. Wynnum needs a facelift and movie theatres are the answer. The name I think would suit these Theatres is The Old Wynnum Town Theatres

  11. Wynnum is English speak for Pandanus so it could be a fitting name. “Pandanus Pictures”.

  12. Stars of the screen bayside
    Wynnum star central
    Seaside cinema
    Waterloo cinema complex
    Wynnum Ritz
    Uptown cinema
    Roxy @ Wynnum
    Waterloo@ Wynnum

  13. The Bay’s Big Screen
    Seaside shows
    Shows by seaside
    Pelicans pictures
    Fin flicks
    Fish flicks
    Tide theatre
    Cine Bay

    That will do!!

  14. So many good ones…. I like….

    Wynnum Cinema
    Flicks at the Bay
    Bayside Cinema
    Wynnum Cineplex
    Bay Breeze Cinema

  15. How about maiming our new theatre WYNNUM FLIX in memory of where us oldies went on Saturday afternoon.



  17. Quandamooka Cinemas (indigenous dame for Moreton Bay)
    Waterloo Bay Cinemas
    Thunderdome Cinemas
    Star Struck Cinemas

  18. BAY WATERS ,
    Opposite to waterloo bay hotel for the place who finally made it happen for us after all these years.

  19. – Breeze Cinemas;
    -1889 (The year the railway line was finished and Wynnum essentially came to life as a town. Also the year the Waterloo Bay hotel was opened)

  20. I think keep it simple

    Cinema Name: Bayside Cinema

    Confectionery Shop: Flicks & Chips

  21. I think it should be named
    ‘Wynnum Evolution Cinema’ since Wynnum is evolving and has been since the rail was built creating a wonderful, accesible seasisde town.

  22. My idea is :
    Wynhamm bay cinemas
    Wynnhamm star cinemas

    As an acknowledgement of the people behind the complex

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