More about street signs in Wynnum and Manly

What can we say? Go to Manly and you’ll see they now have their own street banners up. Wonder where they got that idea from…

At WynnumCentral we understand there are still opportunities to promote your business in and around Wynnum via the Wynnum – Brisbane’s Seaside banners. Contact the Wynnum & Districts Chamber of Commerce for details.

manly signHere’s another question – if you drive from Wynnum to Manly along the Esplanade, as you go around Darling Point there is a road sign that says ‘Manly’. Where is the one on the opposite side of the road that says ‘Wynnum’? Not there. Why not?

Maybe it’s time we made sure that all roads into Wynnum not only didn’t say business centre, but actually announced the border of Wynnum much better.

What do you think?

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  1. Yes, I think it’s a great idea to have more signs announcing the entrance to Wynnum, I often wonder where Wynnum starts and finishes. Puts the name of our suburb more out there too.

  2. The main entrance to Wynnum Central from outside the area is via Pine Street. The railway overpass in Pine Street is one of the ugliest entrances possible. There is not even a Welcome to Wynnum sign. It is always littered with rubbish. I am one of several people who regularly pick up other people’s rubbish. This is a problem throughout the area.

    There should be directions to the Wynnum CBD and the waterfront.

    This area surely is long overdue for improvement!

    There is no signage for trucks etc that are too high. There is only those dangling things that are hit by trucks very regularly. They need to be moved to the other side of Andrew Street nearer the overpass and an arrow pointing to the alternate route via Andrew Street. Trucks often have to reverse into on-coming traffic in order to turn down Dibar Street.

  3. Another area that urgently needs to be renovated is the back of the shops that face Wynnum Central Railway Station. There are remains of what would once have been a pleasant attempt at welcoming visitors but now it is so very tired, decayed and neglected it gives the totally different impression that Wynnum has “had it” and local businesses couldn’t care less.

  4. Is part of the problem that businesses haven’t signed up for the banners in Wynnum this year? What about considering having more than one business advertise on one banner, to make it more cost effective for the smaller businesses- tailor it so similar businesses don’t end up on the same banner obviously- have a mix of business-types on each one?
    I definitely agree better signage is needed coming into Wynnum, surely this is a relatively simple matter for council to rectify as part of general maintenance?

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