Who’s open on a Saturday? Check the new Business Directory

Along with a cinema and car parking (and possibly toilet facilities), one of the hottest topics in Wynnum is shop opening hours over the weekend.

It’s still true that most shops in Wynnum Central close around 12pm-1pm and that’s it until Monday morning. In case you hadn’t noticed, WynnumCentral has tried various schemes to encourage retailers to open longer hours on a Saturday (think Twilight Market) but the status quo remains. We also have a few in the pipeline that we hope to be able to share with you soon.

But… there are quite a few retailers who ARE open after 1pm on a Saturday – you just need to know who they are.

So when we needed to update our ‘Where To Shop’ directory on the WynnumCentral website, we decided to include an easy reference guide as to who is open longer hours on a Saturday. So, now, when you consult the renamed ‘Business Directory’ on WynnumCentral…


…you’ll see you have an option to select only those retailers open until 3pm, 4pm, 5pm and those open after 5pm. You’ll also see that there are 52 retailers open until 3pm, 43 until 4pm and 32 until 5pm. So Wynnum isn’t completely ‘closed for business’!

Wynnum Business member ladies fashion store Sobidah Clothing Co for example is open until 3pm on a Saturday.

business directory menuThe new directory – which is one of the most popular pages on the site – also shows businesses that are members of Wynnum Business, the organisation behind WynnumCentral. So, if you’d like to support the WynnumCentral initiative, be sure to shop at Wynnum Business members, and if your favourite retailers are not involved, ask them why not!

PS we will phase out our page called ‘Who’s Open’ once we have updated info on Sunday opening and Monday closing.

PPS we’re only human – we MAY have got some details wrong in the new directory. If we have please let us know and we’ll correct them quicksmart.

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